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Terril Heilman

Terril Heilman

Elizabeth, CO - United States

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I am a retired conservationist, having worked for the Soil Consevation Service for thirty years in four states: SD, UT, MT and NE. I have been interested in nature and conservation of natural resources since childhood. No matter where I have lived, flowing water has always drawn me like a magnet - it's beauty, it's life giving power, it's healing power, as well as it's spiritual power.
I have an innate sense that we humans are born with a powerful bond to flowing water, and we must take care not to pollute it or destroy it's true nature by continually daming, rerouting, or channeling our streams and rivers whenever we can avoid those harmful actions. However, I know how human greed will continue to sway the majority into believing our water resources in America are nearly endless. That is not true, but we may not realize how precious our flowing waters are until it's too late.

Since my retirement in 2005, I have been working to introduce people to flowing water in a new and unique way - through reflected and refracted light that only flowing water and photography can achieve. I had hoped that my work would speak for itself, but I have learned that people often don't understand the nature of my work, since it is primarily abstract in nature. I have learned that I need to speak out with my words, as well as with my artwork. Since I am reserved and soft spoken, that is not an easy task for me, but the precious flowing waters of America demand a greater sacrifice of me, since they have been the source of my inspiration, as well the source our survival as a species. Thank you for reading this simple message.

Mahatma Gandhi had said long ago: 'The earth has enough to provide for every man's need, but not for every man's greed'.



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